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I would like to ask you a question. It's a bit tltr. I have a Harley Benton 20w amp, and I would like to change it to a better one. The reason is very simple: Me, and a bunch of friends like to jam together(bass,drums,guitars, with no singer so it's all fun), but because we are college students we can only do it 2-3 times in a year. So because there is a drummer, and the rest of the "band" has better(louder) amp than mine, I can bearly hear myself and the worse one is the other members hear nothing comes from my amp. So I had no problem with this until turned out that our "lead guitarist" will be busy at the time when we will do the next one, so I'll have to play the solos. The setlist contains bands like Metalllica, but there are Hungarian bands so the clean sound is important too.
Almost forgot: My "gear" is: Epiphone SG400 with a VOX stomplab 2g .

So the other important factor is the money. I have about $200 in HUF. You know I've been searching for amps and found a lot(Marshall MG30CFX, Behringer V-Ampire LX112, Fender Champion 40, line 6 spider iv 30, Kustom KGFX212) but realised that maybe $200 would be too much for a 2-3 times use in a year. Ok I would play on it when I'm at home, and I love to record stuffs on my PC etc.
So my question is what amp do you recommend for this kind of use(cheaper if it's possible)?
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Well apparently $200 HUF is $0.6903 USD, so I have no clue what to suggest to you... Did you mean $200 USD in HUF, which would be ~$57946?

I would not really recommend any of those amps. They would be a waste of your money, even using the amp 2-3 times a year. Get something that will be a step up for you, something inspiring that will make you want to play more than just 2-3 times a year. Look for a Peavey ValveKing or Jet City tube on the used market.
First, $200 is not too much to pay for an amp you only use a few times a year, because if you need it, you need it.

Second, I know this sucks to hear, but you probably have to be patient and save your HUF for a while. I don't think that budget won't get you the upgrade you need. Look at your friends' gear and see what it costs where you are. See what is available online where you live- especially in the used market.
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