I was putting my new strings and tuning them to standard. It went well on the first (without bending), and suddenly I bend the 1st string full step and it snap instantly! Just 1 effing full step bend and it snap! It broke on the machine head. This is the first time that happened to me. Out of all the strings I have put on it this is the first time..

So was it the string or the machine head? I've bended all of the other strings to full step and none of them broke, just the 1st one.
Same thing happened to me on my Strat. The metal might be a bit sharp and bending the string would cause the metal to dig into it and snap the string. You could try filing the metal down and removing any sharp edges, that worked for me.
that fkn sucks

buying a set of strings and then having one break and then going back to the store just to buy an individual string that's not even the same brand
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theres a thing called fast fret they sell at the stores the cleans your strings, whenever i use an older string I use that and it plays like new. but yeah cheers lol
"ba doo doo ba doo doo ba doo daa"
- earth,wind, and fire