Before posting this, i did try to search for an hour, couldnt find anything that sounds like my problem. My buzzing problem comes directly from amp once i just put the cable in, not even guitar, it doesnt go away when im playing, so its not ground loop, it's same noise with any other guitar that i have and any other cable, it doesnt change whatever i do with amp or with guitar, its just on and off, depending if cable is plugged/unplugged. Buzz is very loud.

I cant say if this problem was before with this amp, as i bought it 4 years ago, but didnt play electro guitar, only acoustic.

It's Crate CRATE GTX65 , thank you in advance for any help.
does the buzzing stop if you move the cable around to "push" the cable end around in the jack? It could be bad connection at the jack that is causing the buzzing.
nope, no matter of what i do, that buzz is always the same, doesnt change, doesnt go away, even when some other buzzing pops out when im touching the jack, it's still that noise on the background
That's a solid state amp with a bunch of processing and effects built in.

My only suggestion to fix the buzz is to clean EVERY jack with quality electrical contact cleaner - input, footswitch, whatever those RCA looking jacks on the front are etc.

Also make sure you don't have any setting maxed to 10.
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