Hey all. I'm trying to figure out why the split coil isn't working on this guitar. Most of the wiring diagrams I see have only 4 wires. From my humbucker I have bare, blue, red, white and black. It's wired right now with blue and bare going to ground on the selector switch. Red going to one of the selector terminals. Then black and white are wired to middle of a 3 prong 2 way switch with the outside going to terminal of the switch going to ground. Is this right? I wonder if something is hooked up wrong or if the switch could be bad? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don't know what brand pickup you have, but you can use the diagram from Seymour Duncan:

You just have to adjust it for the color coding of your pickups. For Duncans it's:
Black-North start
White-North finish
Green-South start
Red-south finish
Bare wire is the ground
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Just in case tsc86's post doesn't help you enough, the fine folks here will fill in the gaps.
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hopefully this pic helps (and uploads correctly..) also, insulate those bare wires. if they touch other components.

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I've got a split coil switch, so the first picture doesn't have a separate switch for coil tap after you're already in one of the normal pickup positions. Second picture none of the them have 5 wires and none of it has the information of wiring anything
What are you using to coil-split the humbuckers? Mini toggle switch, push-pull / push-pull potentiometer (B500k linear or A500k or other), or Mega-switch?
I have a few HH which I coil-split via push-pull pot.. if you want.. I can post pictures of the wiring.. even try to draw a diagram (when I get the chance to).

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You can use a 3-way ON-ON-ON DPDT switch to do Series-Split-Parallel switching; it's an extra switch per-pickup before the normal pickup selector; you do have to make holes for the mini switches, though.

Alternatively (as mentioned above), you can use a push/pull pot to switch series-parallel; this doesn't require any holes drilling.