Hey. I was wondering if anyone here wanted to tab the ZHIEND songs with me? I will allow Text and Guitar Pro based tabs, with the correct notes for the songs, and I will sync them up if they are not.

ZHIEND is an anime band from an anime called 'Charlotte'. It's genre is Post-Rock and it sounds amazing. There are tabs that exist of the ZHIEND songs 'Falling' 'Trigger' and 'Ray Of Life' on YouTube. I've discovered how to play 'Blood Colour' from a cover of the intro of the song. And there is also a cover of Scar On Face and Vanishing Day. I want to tab Adore as well, and then Heavy Rain.

I just wondered if any of you had text based tabs or already have tabs for each song. If not, do you want to help me tab them? I'll save any notations you send me and credit you in the tab description.

Blood Colour's intro is something like this:

And the other part I haven't figured out. But I may be the only person tabbing these. So wish me luck if that's the case.