I'm going to buy a condenser microphone (with a stand, pop filter and such) and an audio interface pretty soon. I have a guitar (electric and electric bass). I just want to be able to make music on a budget that I could share through SoundCloud and YouTube. If I edit on Ardour with some plug-ins (running Windows), will the results turn out okay? I am in high school and am spending a good bit of my money on recording equipment. I want to later make the jump to Reaper when I have the money.
The evaluation version of Reaper has no time limit or any other restrictions, so you can start on it right away, and just get the license when you can afford it.
Ardour is fine, might as well run it on Linux if you want to squeeze some extra performance points. Anyway - is should be fine, or look at some of the other low cost Windows alternatives, like Reaper and Mixcraft or the cut down versions of Cubase, Sonar, Studio One, etc.

If you get audio interface by PreSonus, for example, you get Studio One Artist which is a pretty good DAW with some minor limitations. Steinberg devices has Cubase LE and so forth...not that Ardour is bad, if you like it, that's fine too.