I know it might be a misleading title, but I'm gonna be doing Forty Six & 2 for my schools talent show and the time limit is 2:30. Do any of you know good ways for me to shorten the song? My band already has an idea to shorten it, but we still want input from other musicians.
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Why are you choosing a 6 minute song for a 2 minute show? The only way you can pull that off is by more or less making the song worse. What were your reasoning behind this song choice? What are the rules of the talent show?
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The song has a lot of repetition. You could skip a verse and a chorus and shorten the instrumental sections. The song is based around one riff so it shouldn't be that difficult to shorten it.

There is very little happening during the first minute so if I wanted to shorten the song, that's the first section I would get rid of. The instrumental section starting at around 4 minutes and ending at around 5 minutes is another part that you could easily just get rid of. The last 30 seconds of the song is another part that I would shorten. That's already 2:30 shorter than the original.

And as I said, skip one verse and one chorus, shorten some of the interludes and that's it. But I feel like the point of the song is to have a long build up and contrasting sections, and by cutting it shorter you may lose that. Maybe it would be a better idea to choose some other song. I agree with Kevätuhri. Shortening a 6 minute song by 3:30 can only make the song worse. OK, the song you have chosen is not that difficult to shorten, but I would still recommend choosing a shorter song.
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Play a different song.
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Why so short? Like, the only proper guitar song I remember is below 2:30 is Flat on the Floor (Nickelback) and they're quite love/hate

Besides that, though, I'd suggest finding a 4-minute max song to shorten. Less info to cut, so it'll retain its original form better
Play some Slayer, they have enough songs below 2:30 (well, maybe not).

You Really Got Me, original or Van Halen version?
The obvious answer that noone has given so far is to triple the tempo making it a 2min song.
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The obvious answer that noone has given so far is to triple the tempo making it a 2min song.

Hahaholy shit. That's brilliant
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