Hey guys,

I have started a Youtube channel and trying to build my audience. It is quite challenging. I am trying to create videos based on metal trends or news at first (as I think thats how I can reach the people because my traffic source is poor). Could give me advice the way how to seek the metal / rock trends ?

For now I only read metal news like blabermouth and so on.

BTW this is my channel if someone is intrested:
I watched the video you linked to. I liked your playing. But while watching, I was asking myself "Why am I watching this?"

What I'm getting at is this: What reason does your audience have for watching your videos? What do they get out of it? There are a zillion guitar videos on YouTube - why would they want to watch yours over all the other possibilities?

In entertainment, you compete for attention with your:

1) quality of content
2) innovation in content
3) amount of content (though to a lesser degree)

Among other things, I'm an Entertainment Lawyer. What I have found over the years is that opportunity is rarer than talent. There's nothing wrong with your playing, but there are lots of people playing metal guitar on YouTube. Not saying you're better or worse than average, just saying that by the mere choice of genre, you're facing a lot of competition.

If you want to continue playing metal guitar in YouTube and boost your traffic, you need to find some way to make YOUR metal playing stand out. It might not have anything to do with your playing, either. Interesting visuals could do the trick. A silly costume could do the trick.

Showcasing gear made by local luthiers, amp builders and pedal makers- if you know any- could do the trick.
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Dannyalcatraz got it in one. Quality and innovation are key. Metal guitar is cool and all that, but there's about a million of these mashup videos around now. That's good and bad. Yes, it's a trend now, and yes, you have a lot of competition. You can stick with just following the trends, but make it about your take on them. Your playing is solid. What you could do is explain how you came up with stuff like the every SOAD riff thing. There's a lot less of simple explanation going on about these mashups than there are mashups.

As far as finding trends. You need to really keep checking social media to see what is rising faster than others. This will take some effort, because metal is still buried beneath more popular things. Take a look at popular upcoming releases and news in general. Make a parody of the 4 Mastodon promo videos that are out now, stuff like that.
Hi dude,

Just adding to the above:

- There didn't seem to be a consistent theme across your videos, you'll want to think of your channel like a TV show and have a reason for people to tune in each week
- You don't talk in the videos, making them devoid of personality
- Editing and quality is good
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Maybe you could go into the theory and essential techniques used in various styles of Metal (give writing tips or something). Also try using humor to make your videos more exciting and enjoyable (Adam Neeley is a good example of someone who's funny and interesting). Basically I'd suggest being interesting and don't be afraid to be innovative.
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