Someone help me pleeeeeease i cant find this anywhere!!!

What exactly are the Jackson Licensed FR's made of? I'm thinking copper or brass because after a while the strings weardown the black paint and reveal a bronze-ish finish!

Second, how would i just remove the black paint altogether?
Which Jackson tremolo? There were a number of them over the years.

If you don't know the tremolo model or have a pic...which model Jackson, or era of Jackson is it on?
Some used a black paint, some used black chrome. Under that the steel would have been plated first with copper, then with nickel, then with the black chrome.
No Floyds are made mainly of copper or brass (though you'll find some sustain blocks that are brass).
OK, that sounds like one of the newer post-2011 tremolos on the Chinese and Indonesian JS.
I'm actually not even sure what the model name is on those, so I wouldn't know where to start to look for info.

Some of the Indian JS models had a chrome JT580LP and info is more abundant on those.

the model name directly from the jackson website is:

JS Series King V™ JS32, Rosewood Fingerboard, Gloss Black

the model number is:

Yes, but I meant the model name of the tremolo, not the guitar. They changed from the JT580LP tremolo in 2012.
I haven't seen the new model name listed anywhere online.

ahhhh ok. Gotcha. Yeah I have been looking for the model number of the trem I have but with no luck. I think i'll just ask Jackson directly. Can't hurt right?
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Fender/Jackson's customer service has proven over and over that they're clueless to most things Jackson. You can try, but oftentimes people get no reply.

I'll be shocked if they know the model, but like you say, it can't hurt. They'll probably tell you it's a Jackson Double Locking and leave out the model.

To your original question: finding the type of metal used may prove impossible unless you ask the factory that built it.
I saw your post on facebook, though I left that forum...I used to administrate there. The Jackson world is small.
The JT580 hasn't been used in many years to my knowledge. I haven't seen it listed in a catalogue since at least the early 2000's, possibly the '90s. And, they were used on higher end Japanese imports, not entry level JS models.

You'd better tell those guys we're talking about a 2012-16 JS series guitar here.

As I said, Jackson has never listed the model...I'm a long time Jackson forum member and a lot of us keep up on these things on a daily basis. I'm new here, but not on Jackson pages.
All you're likely to hear on facebook is guesses based on little knowledge. It's a different tremolo than what was on the JS series up to 2011. Indian production moved to China and Indonesia in 2012 and those new trems began showing on the new 2012 models, but the model name has never been listed to my knowledge.

For Jackson to bring back the JT580 or JT500 seems very unlikely.

I don't know enough about tremolos to tell the difference by looking at pics. The pret-2012 X series Jacksons had what is listed as a JT500, but they were chrome. Your tremolo looks quite similar to my eye aside from the chrome.

But, don't let people confuse you with the old black JT500 that was used in the '90s and early 2000's. The chrome ones were different tremolos.

Until Jackson releases the model, we'll only guess.
Pictures would help.
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Yeah, a pic would help considering there appear to be 2 different trem styles used on the JS between 2012 and now.
One has an angled base plate similar to the JT580LP, and the other has a squared base plate similar to the old '90's JT500's.

One has a white Jackson logo the other black.

Though, the stock pic he posted on FB was the black logo'd, angled plate model.
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This has been some of the best help/advice ive gotten all day. Thank you so much.

And yes, The stock photo is of the exact one i have. I'm not sure if that really clears anything up.

Actually, If you'd be open to accepting a friend request on facebook I could just shoot you some pics and such
There's really nothing more I can offer even with pics. Join this forum and I'll say hello, but I'm afraid you're still probably not gonna' find more solid info. Someone may have a guess about the metal. I'd say it's some alloy of more than one metal.


What year is your KV? The first two digits are the year... and a 'C' prefix is China, an 'I' is Indonesia.