Hey guys. Im trying to get a rhcp tone from my dsl40c and my strat. I've got the same pickups as John (ssl-1s) but I just can't find a good tone. I'm really tryin to get bssm tones (under the bridge, soul to squeeze) clean tones. Any advice? (Pedals setting)? Thx. Ps: I also have an sd-1 but I really only use it for his dirty tones
Remember that the tone on any studio album isn't just from a guitar and amp, it's a lot of studio gear, mics, and an experienced engineer and producer. Maybe go listen to his live tone and see how he gets that, to get in the ballpark...
The stock speaker in the DSL40C makes the amp sound bad. It is a Celestion but a budget alternative. I replaced mine with a Celestion G12M-65. It really changed the amp. For a RHCP sound maybe the G12T-75 is better. It is a very popular speaker used with Marshall amps.

You should also try the MXR Micro amp. Do not use it as a booster but as a tone shaping device. It pushes the mids and makes a strat sound even better. Also, add a bit of reverb. Soul to Squeeze there is some modulation going on. Not sure if it is a chorus or a flanger.
Gab_Azz Forgot to say ya I actually have a cream back installed. Is there a way to use my sd-1 to push the mids? Would buying a compressor help ?
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Gab_Azz Forgot to say ya I actually have a cream back installed. Is there a way to use my sd-1 to push the mids? Would buying a compressor help ?

Even though I really like the creamback, I think that the creamback is voiced a bit differently than what you are trying to achieve. Buying a compressor is a vague term. A Dyacomp, even though I love it, I do not think it would work. I have other clean-er compressors and I actually use them to boost, but I think that the MXR Micro amp would be a better solution. The micro amp would compress a bit your signal and I think that it was used by John Frusciante.

Since you have a great speaker already, before swapping it out, I would try a couple of pedals with your setup. I do not think you can use the DS-1 in this case. Go to your local store and try a couple of compressors and a micro amp.
I would think you could get close to that tone without a pedal. Sounds like the neck pickup (or rolled back tone on the bridge pickup), using the classic gain setting on crunch. I would try the gain fairly high then roll back the volume on the guitar to clean up a little. Depending on your guitar, you can play with the EQ and presence settings. 

If if this isn't close, try explaining what is off (too much crunch, too bright, etc). That may help in recommending next steps.  

Use the classic gain setting and set the gain so high, that you get breakup when you hit the Strings hard and be quite clean when hit softly. John often hit the strings pretty hard and alot of the time he just hit all of them and mute the ones he didn't want to play.

Bass: 5-6 Mids: 6-7 Treble: 4 Presence: 4

This got me close when i tried out the DSL 40C in the shop, but probably needs tweaking.

Boss DS-2
Run this thing full out on the Turbo-Mode (Gain/Volume/Tone on full)

On the Guitar setting with the amount of Wah (I think its the depth control) to your liking. John had his WH10 on about 70% on the Stadium Arcadium Tour.

Boss CE-2w
This one gets really close to the CE-1 and does everything the CE-1 does + the CE-2 mode.
It should cover all of John's live chorus sounds

On BSSM he used a DOD Stereo Chorus for the recordings and getting his Solo sound there is difficult, because he often went directly into the board.

Getting the DynaComp is probably a good Idea after the WH10V2 and DS-2.
This will tame the huge volume boost from the probably not really compressing amp.

MXR MicroAmp
For his more aggresive/funky sounds you can use this as a boost (john also used it).
This will cover his RAR 2004/Fuji Rock 2006/La Cigale 2006 sound quite well and earlier.
I read somewhere he also used this as a boost on Californication Intros and Solos
You can also just adjust the gain on your amp.

Pedal order should be   DS-2 --> MicroAmp --> WH10V2 --> Comp --> CE-2w

I am not sure how the MicroAmp will play together with the Comp, but you can always turn to comp of, if you don't need it.
These are mostly pedals you can buy without throwing out around 250 for an old WH10 and 400-500 for a CE-1

Good Sources are also http://www.jftab.com/john-frusciante-tabs.php and https://www.youtube.com/user/oldhatguitars (Dave Simpson)
I found dave a couple of weeks ago and agree with most of the things he says about JF.

This should help you out a bit.

This was way nicer written before, but I am an idiot and closed my browser by accident. Lost the better text, but this has all the information of the old one
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