Argh, you liked your own post, that's pretty dumb m8
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Argh, you liked your own post, that's pretty dumb m8

lmao i swear this guy is just a super-committed troll
wish I had all this attention ;-;

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
I think there is a little more potential with the ending, right now it's rather boring. There are a lot of dynamic changes within the songs and I expected something more than a bland repeat and stop for the outro. I see what youve been trying to do at bars 88-104 but I dont like its execution. What you have written there isn't strong enough to stand on its own for. I'm listening with headphones and couldnt hear the rhodes track at all but even with it turned up it sounds too boring. Youve done a great job keeping all the parts interesting and different and this one just stands out.

Aside from those 2 points I mentioned, the song seems pretty well executed. It has just the right amount of repition, being catchy without seeming formulaic which is a great thing to achieve and, I feel, the most important aspect in this genre.
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