So I've gotten together with a few old friends to form a classic rock cover band. We are all 50 ish....so we've been there and done this few times before. Our drummer lives two hours away and will not be able to make quite a few of our rehearsals as we get back into the groove and prepare a set list.

Here's the question. What have you used in this situation to rehearse with? A good old drum machine patched into your monitors? Do you program the whole song into the machine? Drum machine software? Drum Loop software? I've even seen some available drum tracks on you tube, but not for all of the songs on our list. Been out of the game for awhile and would appreciate some ideas...maybe i'm missing something...
Yeah, pretty much what the above says.

If you can replace your drummer with a drum machine, why do you need a drummer at all?
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tbf if its just classic rock covers you're doing, you should be able to get by without the drummer.
The few times I've had to practice without a drummer in this kind of setting we just used a metronome.
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You can always just program some piano roll drum track sheets in fruity loops or some other DAW on a laptop and just hook it up to some speakers. Pretty much the same thing as having a drummer, just more technical work.
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