Poll: Budget tremolo guitar for shreding (dolar-brazilian real converted!)
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View poll results: Budget tremolo guitar for shreding (dolar-brazilian real converted!)
Dean MAB3 ($630)
0 0%
ESP LTD m100fm ($660)
0 0%
IBANEZ RG370fmz ($730)
0 0%
ESP LTD kh202 (USED $710)
1 100%
Voters: 1.
what is the best one for the price?

i'm personally going towards LTD or DEAN because i don't like so much the ibanez looks and the Edge Zero II will be an issue if it breaks or for future change of bridge...

what do you guys think? please explain the choices! Thanks!!!
You could not pay me to buy a dean. Especially lower model ones.
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I have 2 Deans and love them, but I never recommend the cheap ones. There are better inexpensive guitars out there.

At @$300 new in the USA (not dealing with all your import issues), that one is below my threshold for their hardtails. AND it is a signature model. If you're looking for a tremolo, look elsewhere.
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I could never recommend a low-end Dean.

I think I'd rather have the Ibanez over the LTD's because I'd rather have the Edge Zero II over the Floyd Special.

It's a fair point that if the knife edges do get damaged, finding a replacement bridge will be more difficult. But I just think the Edge Zero is a bit better of a bridge than the special.
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