I just picked up an Ibanez Gio emg hz grga42qa yesterday for about 350 brand new with stand
But I had my eye on the Rg450dx for about 50$ more
I was hoping to get some input on the pros and cons of each guitar.
I'm thinking about going and switching for the rg.

Some of my main musical influences are Chevelle, a perfect circle, and deftones as far as the type of sound I would like to create.
Early chevelle from point #1 to wonder what's next is a sound I'd really like to try and recreate.

I'm impressed with this GIO for the price, but I'm starting to get the feeling the 50 bucks might make a big difference. The guy working at the shop told me the gio is probably better for a solid overdrive tone as compared to the rg would likely handle clean tones better. Thoughts?
The guy was full of shit. Both guitars have bad pickups but the RG is definitely a better guitar
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
Do you have an recommendations for pickups to swap out with the quantams? I'm going back to switch guitars this afternoon.
I have 3 other decent axes but this is my firstime ibanez so I'm not extremely familiar with their models.
They have very small selection in guitars in the 400$ range ,most they have in Stock are 200 and under or 700 and up
My other 3 axes are
Esp Ltd 1000 with Seymour Duncan's
Axl sro badwater with Emg
And an Alvarez full body acoustic/electric
What amp are you using?
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
A Vht I-66 single tube amp
Through a digitech rp360xp
I'm using this set up to figure out what I do and don't like before I start spending 100+$ per pedal .
The vht in my opinion is a perfect little amp for practicing, it's got plenty of power but I'd probably never gig with it even though it's capable
I'd be tempted to get a better amp that's actually all-tube before worrying about replacing pickups tbh.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
I've been looking into a couple different ones ,but I'm probably going to wait for my tax returns before I make any decisions on a tube amp. That's about the only time I'll be able to afford a Nice one.
But I hear you there, if I get a solid amp it will bring out the pickups tones more.
Even plugged straight into the vht with no pedal on clean
I can hear a rather substantial difference in pickups between my 3 electrics .
Thanks for the input.
Also if anyone has any recommendations on equipment and what they use it for I'd like to hear about it. I'm on an intermediate players budget about (2k Max per year for equipment)
But I definitely am trying to get more knowledge on different gear and
But yeah that being said, I'm just trying to get a solid experience for about 400-475$ out of an ibanez. If that's not possible I'll gladly stick with esp which has always given me eargasms lol