The d string buzzes Only on that fret, any ideas why? I've had all the strings replaced before as well.
It sounds as if the third fret is a little too high and the D string is touching it when played - you can lightly rub down the area where the string crosses the fret with a piece of fine emery paper.
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Based on the quality of the guitar (and the setup, which it sounds like you should get checked out anyways), you may have issues using lower tension nylon strings.

I think that the setup, to include fret height as mentioned by Garthman, is most likely the culprit, as a well setup classical guitar should handle low and hard tension strings without a problem, but I recommend a second look before you begin altering the frets if you don't really know what you're doing.
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A couple of light taps with a small hammer at that location should fix it.