I've got an Ampeg V4b reissue that I just started experimenting with on guitar. Always hear it gives a good heavy sludge, stoner, doom tone. Not that I play a lot of that stuff but its nice to have another amp that can do heavies beside my AC30 with blues. Maybe I'll run them together in stereo in practice. Who knows. I have stereo chorus, delay, and flange so It could be fun.

I've got ported 1x12 SVT bass cabs but I really want to get proper guitar cab for it. I've searched and haven't came up with any matching Ampeg cabs. Have they ever made 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cabs? I've seen their guitar amps plenty just no cabs. If not I guess I could pair it with a Marshall or Mesa.

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I believe the the Lee Jackson amp had a 4X12 matching cab.

+1 i have the lee Jackson head, and when I got i am pretty sure that it was on top of an ampeg cab.
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Oh nice. I never knew that amp/cab ever existed. I'll search around a bit but I'm guessing those are really hard to come by. I'll check ebay/reverb.

Did Ampeg ever release the cabs in this picture? That black vertical 2x12 (I think it's a 212) would be PERFECT.

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yeah those were out for some time. sam ash may still have some of the models in stock, or can order them.