I just want to warn and identify an issue I ran across on my 4 day old JEM77WDP, the Woody Ibanez guitar with the zero edge 2 trem system.
When I tried to put the new strings on, the post on the low end string side was way to high, even with adjustment, the action was too high. So,
I unlocked the post to adjust it and it would never tighten back up again. I tried everything, and I even put back together and the action was lowered
but the issue is that the post could move by using your finger, and it is supposed to be stiff and not moving once you adjust it and relock it. So, I had
to send it back to ZZounds. I ask a lot of other experienced Ibanez guitarists who were extremely helpful, They all stated to send it back because if you can't relock the post it is a defect. If you come across this, don't knock yourself out on trying to fix it, especially if is new. you would have to reseat the post and
that should have to be done on a brand new guitar. I spent hours on it thinking it was my issue, i.e. user error, didn't restring the edge 2 right, but I am glad I finally found the issue. I love the guitar, the pickups sound amazing and love the style, I am not, I am not bashing the brand or the style, and asking for another one just like it, because I do love the model and the way it played. Just making you aware, on these edge 2 trems, stuff happens! I was going to post a PIcture to show you but it will not save a J-PEG. sorry.
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