A year ago I purchased a sawtooth guitar kit on amazon that came with an amp(10w) with faulty cable, guitar and accessories. I've only had one guitar but I can tell it's not good due to certain things like bad frets, action can't reach regular height without buzzing and strat pickups when I mainly interested in metal.

If I were to upgrade my guitar it would be one of the least expensive Ibanez model like Gio graga120 6 string (Has to be all black and/or red)
As for an amp; Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

I was going to make a separate thread for this question that you may think this is silly but I understand :/
I've been practising really diligently for quite a long time, do you think the universe or something would unfold and give me an opportunity to acquire the funds to purchase a new guitar/amp? I've had several interviews but nothing yet man
You may have better luck asking in the Guitar Gear and Accessories subforum. If your guitar is literally unplayable, you should probably upgrade that first. Also, don't buy Marshall MG's
what you need is a new amp
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No, get a Peavy Vypyr (any one of them) and your mind will be blown.

You can get a 40W Vypyr second generation combo (new) for like 350. It will literally be better in every single objective fashion than any Marshall in that price range (maybe idk you might find a JCM900 or something on Craigslist)

Find a 15 watt 1st generation for like 80 used. Or 115 new.

Get a used anything. Don't buy online unless it's anything but a guitar. Troll used sections at guitarcenter or any of its equivalents (Sam Ash or something idk)
I found an old Ibanez S470 used for 200 with a great shop setup that was my primary woodshedding guitar for years. Then found a Jackson Js10 with a great setup for 100 that's my current used for everything guitar. Get a used Mexican Tele or something

What country are you in, whats your budget, what stage of the guitarists journey are you in, how big are your hands, what kind of music do you want to play.

As for making money? Go and apply at a restaurant, you don't have a degree, you don't have any previous employment experience, and you're going to need to get your hands dirty either as a busser or a dishwasher.

Get customer service experience, get a bullshit job so you can say you've had a job when you go and apply for another bullshit job.

The universe will give you friends and money and work and love and prestige and experience and music but it will need some nitty gritty input from you.


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Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at

Shredwizard445 nice, I wish listed it. Somehow it seems to have more features, can be used with a bass(which I might look into in the far future) and somehow manage to cost less than a Marshall amp of similar wattage.

I can't buy used, I live in The Bahamas, going through a refund process is going to be a ridiculous and probably not worth. My budget depends on when I get employed. I'm currently in Uni taking mostly night classes. I assume my stage is a beginner, I've been practising for 4 months logging every day by the length of deliberate practice - which is totalled to about 550 hours. So a little over 4 hours per day I practice on average since I picked up a guitar. My finger length is probably average, skinny fingers. I mainly listen to Evanescence, Korn, Slayer, Metallica and Flyleaf.

I can make some attempts at some of the better pizza places in town or something. I'm not going to Wendys or McDonald's lol. Showing up on campus with that uniform will do something to my self esteem even though I know in reality no one really cares :/