This is a 40w amplifier, I only need to know if I can change the power properly to play on small places like a bedroom or something like that, because I think that 40w for a small room is way too much, so can I adjust it to play like a 20 or 10w amp?
Just use the volume knob. It's a solid state amp, you don't need to attenuate the power section or anything.
I'm not sure about that series of the VT line, but earlier ones had a knob on that back for adjusting the "Power" or wattage section.
I quoted that because it doesn't really change the output wattage on the earlier models but it has pretty much the same effect.
Roc8995 Thanks for the answer, I don't have that amp now, I was considering buying it, I hope that it won't be too much loud for practice.
I have a VT30 and a VT40. Both have a knob on the rear panel (the only knob on the rear panel) to lower the wattage. You can crank it down to just a watt or two. One suggestion: If you are buying a VOX VT amp be sure to buy the foot switch. yes at $60 it's a little overpriced but it's very useful when you are switching between the 8 patches you have created you will find it is a necessity.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I have been using my VOX amps for both home and on gigs (mic'd when necessary) for at least three years now. I originally bought the VT30 new and about a year later I bought a used VT40 on EBay that was in mint condition. I have no complaints about either and they have served me well with no issues. The sounds are good and the ability to create 8 patches is very nice. I just bought a BOSS Katana 100 amp and am looking to make this my main gig amp and retire the VOX amps to my home studio for recording. The Katana is a bit more money but it is a 100 watts with a 12 inch rather than the VOX VT40 with 40 watts and a 10 inch. I am an equipment junkie so don't take the fact that it looks like I will be replacing the VOX for my live rig as a knock on VOX. I love my VOX amp. My band plays 40+ gigs a year so the VOX has stood up to a probably 130-150 or more gigs both indoors and outdoors on 90+ degree days in the sun. Never a problem or a let down.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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