Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right location to post this but anyways.

I updated my Ibanez with some new humbuckers (Artec pickups) but i didn't exchange the output jack neither the volume and tone pots.

My problem is this: the sound is great in clean tones in crunch tones is cool too but when it comes to hi gain (the type I use more) the output is a bit weak.
The volume is not weak, the gain is weak.

No, it isn't a cable switched, I have certified that that isn't the cause. No, the humbuckers aren't weak because my friend has a pair of the same humbuckers and this doesn't happen to him (btw, he helped me wiring the humbuckers).

The problem that I face most of the time is that whenever I use my multi effect pedal I have to put the gain all the way up to achieve a decent distortion (I like a saturated one, kinda like djent type of thing...). And then, when I use my other guitar, a Schecter Omen 6, I have to put the gain on the middle and even so it is to saturated gain.

My question is can this problem rooted on the volume pots and output jack?
Sounds like a bad solder joint or partial bleed to ground.

How is the pickup height?
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