I hear the term (MIDI /Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
I am not sure what this is, and what I do with it,
e.g. my (eventide time factor) as got a MIDI function, so could you guys kindly explain this to me,
much thanks for your time guys,


But seriously, its a protocol that lets you control a variety of musical equipment, and lets different pieces of equipment talk and control eachother. When you press a button on a midi controller, you send a command to the device that you are connected to, and then the device does something, depending on how its programed to respond to a certain command. In your case, you can use midi controllers to control the parameters of your pedal without twisting the knobs.
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It's a protocol originally meant as a standard to control synthesizers that is now used for, well, nearly anything - triggering samples, changing patches, modulation changes, sample bank switches, and a bnch of other stuff.

For your Eventide, you can hook it up to a MIDI controller like a Behringer FCB1010 and use that as your controller rather than using the built in user interface.
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