Hi all,

I have a 5150 II (4, 8 or 16 ohms) with a Mesa 4x12 cab (8 ohms). I run it through my rack through the send and return loops. I was given a solid state line 6 hd 147 (4 and 8 ohms). I used to have another tube head and used a AB switch to connect them. My question is will the solid state head work with my set up or will it be hurt in the process? As the line 6 has more inputs than the peavey I'm not sure which ones to use or if the wattage would be unsupported. Image attatched.

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Can you be a bit more specific, I'm not sure what you're asking.

You can use two heads if you have a stereo cab. Amp ohms will need to match stereo cab ohms.
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You can convert the cab to stereo with something like this - https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/parts/guitar-input/

Just check the ohms on your speakers for the different combinations.
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I don't like A/B speaker switches. That momentary power amp choke can be really hard on an amp. Pick one amp and learn to gig with it. Both heads will work through that cab but... best if used independently on different nights.
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Essentially, I was asking whether or not I can run both heads through my cab if they are all on 8 ohms or will the heads need to be 4 and 4? I didn't want to damage any of the equipment and was just going to tool around with them for fun to see what sorta sounds I could produce and which way would be the best to connect them all. Linking them through the send and receive jacks was what I had been wanting to do because I no longer have my AB switch.
heavymetalskier You cannot run two heads into the same cab if the cab is not wired stereo (that is, half the speakers are on a separate wiring + input than the other half of the speakers). I would not use an A/B switch on their speaker cables either, you would be running one amp without a load all the time and that would be no good.

Really if you do not have to bother with stereo, don't.