Any vocalists (or other musicians) interested in collaborating for my electronic prog metal project "Death by Unicorn"?

Hi all,
I've been composing songs for an Electronic Progressive Metal project that I call "Death by Unicorn".
I usually write instrumental songs but I've also been working with vocalists I know to add vocals to them afterwards (as well as supplying my own voice from time to time).

I'm looking to have as many different vocalists appear in this project as I can find.
In particular, if your vocal style is similar to Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, The Human Abstract, The Kindred or Symphony X, I'd love to put your voice over one of my tracks!
I've written tribute songs for those bands listed above and I try to write in their style with my own special twist and signature sound sprinkled in.

Check out my music on my YouTube channel here:

Please reply if you're interested in doing some vocals over any of these tracks!
I'm happy to write lyrics and/or vocal melodies or let you do that yourself if you prefer.
Also don't hesitate to reply if you play an instrument and would be interested in doing a guest solo or something like that.
Or even just reply to let me know what you think of my tracks. I'm open to all sorts of praise, criticisms and suggestions.
There's no money in this project cause I just give away all my music for free on bandcamp:
And I don't do live gigs for this project either (although maybe someday I would be open to attempting to put together a band who could pull off the material live).
I would credit the name of any collaborator who wants to be credited and would happily link to and promote any other musical projects they have from the Death by Unicorn Facebook and YouTube pages.

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