I am trying to wire a set of Devin Townsend signature Fluence active pickups from Fishman. I have the two Humbuckers working, the problem is getting the single coil in the middle to work.

I have an HSH configuration:

And like I said - the two humbuckers work fine, but there are no diagrams that cater to what I am trying to do. Here is a schematic of the Single coil:

And a wiring diagram for three Singles in a strat. Note that only the bridge pickup has the active circuitry/preamp in it for the middle and neck pickups.

Here is my chaotic wiring mess. This was actually very neat before i became frustrated due to the lack of cooperation from the pickup.

Here is the switch:

So like I said - the bridge and neck work, I just cannot -for the life of me- figure out how to get this cursed middle one functioning. I know little about switches and electronics in general, but i can usually work a soldering iron.

Please help!

How are the hunbuckers wired. I have no experience with fishman, what is the difference between output and preamp output?

I would assume
1 bridge out
2 middle out
3 neck out
6 neck preamp out
7 middle preamp out
8 bridge preamp out

Actually, just try wiring up the red black and white like an EMG and see what happens. I think maybe everything else is for supporting the other two pickups in the sss configuration?

Why not call/email fishman?