Hey. I'm fairly new to fingerstyle and slap bass, I never play picked bass, I want to learn how to play bass with my fingers. I am an intermediate guitarist. I haven't quite mastered sweeping or tapping just yet. I use a game called Rocksmith 2014 to play electric guitar and bass, and so far, it's really helped me learn how to play both instruments. At the moment, I part learn by ear and part play and hope to find the riff. And I edit MIDI's. I found a MIDI for a song from the Xenoblade Chronicles called 'Mechanical Rhythm' and there was no bass, but everything else was there, electric guitar, clean guitar, ensemble strings, and percussion, but there is definitely bass in this song. I'm not sure why the tab didn't have bass.

So this is the song if I'm allowed to post YouTube videos.

For anyone who can give me a bass tab in either text form, or guitar pro at a BPM of 260 and 4 4 time signature, I will credit you in my tab. And personally thank you for helping me learn an awesome song.
I figured out part of the bass. At around 0:59. Which sounds pretty awesome to me.
I think it's: