I was at a Thrift Store recently and I saw this neat 1971 Alvarez Model 5014 Acoustic Guitar. The neck needs to be reset, but working at a guitar shop / repair, I can get some training on how to do it and use the shop's equipment. Because of the neck problem, I was able to get it 50 percent off making it only $30 USD!

I was wondering if anyone here knew some of the history behind this neat guitar!

niceties55 Grats, nice purchase , I found some info on claescaster about it, maybe it'll be interesting for you:

"These guitars were made in Japan for the US market and imported by St. Louis Music in Missouri, the guys behind Westone. According to Wikipedia and Alvarez own site it was the legendary Kazuo Yairi that founded the brand in 1965 to make cheaper Yairi guitars for the US market. Having said that, it’s still unclear if all Alvarez guitars were really made in the K. Yairi factory in Kani, Gifu in Japan or outsourced on other factories in Japan, see Jedistar. These early 1970’s Alvarez are a bit different to the later Alvarez-Yairi guitars that got famous in the late 1970’s and 1980’s when musicians like Crosby, Stills & Nash and Bob Weir endorsed them. Not only is the label inside and head inlays different, but they also seems to have their own models, the later Alvarez-Yairi are exact copies of the Yairi models of the time but made for export to the US. Since there is a sticker with a serial number inside that correspond perfectly to the Emperor code that K. Yairi uses things point towards the Yairi factory. As with everything made in Japan during the 1970’s, there are some questions we might never find the answer too."

We have few reviews on Alvarez guitars, but we don't have reviews on old models, I hope you can describe your experience after trying it.
After Hours at the guitar shop! After some hard work, we got the neck off with very minimal damage! We are happy!
Never seen or played an Alvarez that old. Let us know!
My God, it's full of stars!