Hey guys,

SO I replaced the pickups in my Epiphone Les Paul Standard maybe 3-4 years ago. They worked well for a long time, but eventually the bridge pup started to act very strangely. When I hit the toggle from neck to bridge, the bridge would sound tinny and like it was being played in the other end of a tunnel from me. It had a very echoey quality and sounded hollow and clean no matter how distorted or flanged or phased my neck pickup sounded.

I thought it was the pot(s) for the bridge because sometimes when I turned either tone or volume of the bridge, it crackled through and sometimes would play normally as if nothing was broken for a couple of seconds before reverting back to shite.

However, recently when I toggled down to the bridge, the sound went entirely. The treble, middle, and rhythm positions were all non-responsive except for crackling sounds between the positions when switching between them. I put the guitar down for a while and picked it up the next day and it played normally (only the neck pickup as described in the first part.)

Anyone have any idea what is going on and what I need to?? Only having a neck pickup does not allow for an abundance tone options. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like a bad or dirty switch.
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Thanks guys!
Should I try cleaning with contact cleaner first or replace it altogether?
Contact cleaner or a switch cleaning lubricant like Servisol Super 10 will be fine. If for some reason the switch is visibly corroded you can get some very fine sandpaper, fold it up and rub it between the contacts to clean them up. Or if you can find them a very fine grade and thin nail file or similar is great for getting in places like that.

If it the type of switch that is completely enclosed then to be honest is it just as easy to replace as it is to try and get cleaner into it, and they aren't too expensive.