So I don't have a proper set of headphones to plug into my interface (they're wireless logitech G930) and I don't have studio monitors either. The only way I can monitor my playing in real time is through reaper/my wireless headphones using the directsound. The problem with this is no matter how low the buffer/sample is the latency is just too high to play properly. Lately I've had to turn off direct monitoring, play without hearing my guitar and then hear what it sounds like when I listen to the guitar track. This is really annoying because I don't know if my playing is super tight or not until I play it back with all the effects. Is there any way around this or do I have to suck it up and buy monitors/new headphones?
-I am using amp sims btw, I have a combo amp I can mic up but it sounds kinda flat since I only have one SM57 to use
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diabolical Well I can use the ASIO driver but it doesn't let me choose my regular pc speakers or wireless headphones as my output. So I can't monitor my playing at all with ASIO. If I want to use ASIO I have to record my guitar then switch to directsound in order to be able to listen to what I just recorded, which is quite a hassle.
1) Wireless headphones can't be used at all because they alone introduce unacceptable latency - go get some cheap wired headphones.

2) you have to plug the headphones and speakers into the scarlett, otherwise you're not using the scarlett asio drivers - you can't run two soundcards at once . Your output needs to be set to the scarlett and just plug everything into that.
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