Majicmanmaj That's a good question.
I found a point of view that dot placement is completely arbitrary although clearly in the last few decades there has been a standard pattern that virtually all manufacturers subscribe to, but there was a time when each manufacturer put the fret markers wherever they felt like and it was not uncommon for a mark to be on one or another fret.
I've had an old acoustic with the same issue.
I've thought maybe that was the case but looking at pics of old guitars around the same time as this one, the only discrepancy seems to be the placement of the dot before the 12th fret. some are on 10th fret instead of 9th which seems to now be the norm. The 10th fret dot seems to be on banjos and ukes. The 12th fret double dot seems to be consistent which would make sense as this is the octave fret. Did Leo Fender just make a bit of a cock-up? ๐Ÿ˜„
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Did Leo Fender just make a bit of a cock-up? ๐Ÿ˜„
Probably the most likely answer. As far as I know he was never a musician and while I don't know exactly how oblivious he may have been (he got his tremolo and vibrato the wrong way round, but he also designed some of the best guitars around, so...) he may well not have payed too much attention to anything besides it looking about right for something that was presumably just a prototype. While the markers' placement is, in theory, arbitrary, marking the octave is something pretty much all guitar makers that have used fret markers have agreed on. I certainly doubt there's any musical significance to it in this instance.

For the record, I believe single-pickup Teles have always been referred to as Esquires - the short-lived Broadcaster name came with the introduction of the neck pickup.
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Interestingly, this article states that the neck had been replaced although it doesn't say by whom.


I thought that single pickup Tele shaped guitars were called esquires but in most of the articles I have read about this instrument they call it a Broadcaster.


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Did Leo Fender just make a bit of a cock-up? ๐Ÿ˜„

Yes, that's the most probable reason.