like a drag queen hacking crucifix pessimism missles,
preach a more contemporary sermon manifest as-

donny trump just a byproduct of r-selection that
made it from the beach into the cesspool,
twittering that his inauguration couldn't even
close the monocarpy deal

toddler temper tantrum you stomped and broke your new toy country

meanwhile protesters block DC streets in the name of iteroparity,
clay-composed seeds of anger breaking the windows of your
brand new limousine and CEO pig-feeders, police mass-control
device splitting their wrist in chains like this what we deserved,

i don't beget violence but fuck it they might've been paid off anyway

the US dollar drops to a seven-week low, this is good he says,
let's cut regulations by 75 percent and
turn the whole nation into a factory, come take your Helms and
upgrade it into an executive order for just 1 million dollars
and your neverending encouragement

Melania gets raped and has to bear the child but he couldn't give any less of a fuck
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