I'm picking up playing the guitar again but find myself in a weird situation. I don't remember exactly what strings I used to play with years ago, but I know that I was playing with a bit thicker strings. Sounds weird, but I just don't know anymore what gauge strings I used to play with. So, now I went to get myself new strings on the guitar and asked for a tad thicker strings at the store. Back at home I couldn't get the 6th string on my guitar, the Yamaha: ERG 121C. It just won't go through the hole at the machine heads the second time as it is too thick. It's a set of Curt Mangan fusion matched strings 10-52 (plain third). So..I went and bought another set of string: Ernie Ball's custom gauge 11-48. Hoping that this one would fit, but it doesn't. Anyway, before buying a regular set strings I was thinking if there is a way to mix the two different sets. You should have realised by now that I'm a novice with a cheap guitar. I'm not limited to any sound, rather, if I could make these two sets of strings work together I would like to see what comes out of it. This is why I'm here, does anyone have experience or advice to give? Or is this something I should not even bother with and should stick to regular gauges instead? The most confounding in this is that I know that I used to have thicker strings on this guitar, but I just don't know which ones.

So the Mangan strings go:
10 plain
13 plain
17 plain
30 nickel wound
42 nickel wound
52 nickel wound

And the Ernie's are:

18p (I don't know what the 'p' stands here for)
You can mix and match strings all you want. There is no rule against it. If they wont go trough the hole in the machine head, just drill it a tiny bit bigger until it fits. Its kinda fishy tho, i use .56s, and i never had problems with them not fitting, even on the cheapest tuners i had. Are you sure you arent doing somthing wrong? Cause i never heard of a .48 not fitting in a tuner....
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This made me look at various videos of putting on the strings. Man, I don't know how I manages to do it before the way I did, but all those videos showed a different way than the way I have been doing it. I don't even remember where or from whom I learned to put on the strings on an electric guitar, but I for some reason always slipped the string twice through the tuner. Not once, like all the videos have displayed. So yeah, if I'd use this - new to me - way, then I could also have the .52 string on.
So problem solved: I need to learn a new way of stringing the guitar. Still doesn't make sense how I was able to do it years ago. That will remain a mystery.
Thanks gorkyporky!
look at post #2 here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=602241

that will get you going.

as far as the gauge goes, strings are cheap. if in doubt, go for a 10-46 to start your journey, and go from there.
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