Can someone analyse this jam by Paul Gilbert and explain what scales are being used?.

Does he use loads of different scales and keys?

Hi Elplater,

that's actually not an easy one, but here we go:

0:00 - 0:23: Hybrid scale based on the pentatonic scale (see this blog post)
0:23 - 1:00: A minor scale, played with the lydian shape
1:00 - 1:52: Mostly G minor pentatonic, but at 1:36 and 1:48 he plays a blue note, so you could say it's the blues scale in G
1:52 - 2:00: Again the hybrid scale
2:00 - 3:00: Mostly pentatonic, blue notes at 2:16 and 2:31
3:00 - 3:19: A dorian
3:19 - 3:24: A aeolian (= A natural minor)
3:24 - 3:28: Hybrid shape in A
3:28 - 3:31: Chromatic scale ascending into the A minor triad
3:31 - 3:39: Blues scale in A
3:39 - 3:43: Actually A major scale but with a triad in minor (so it's just another hybrid scale)
3:34 - 3:51: Hybrid shape in A
3:51 - 4:07: A aeolian (= A natural minor)
4:07 - 4:29: A minor pentatonic, blue note at 4:12
4:29 - 4:50: A mixolydian
4:50 - end: Hybrid shape in A

So he actually jumps a lot between different keys, there's A dorian (parent scale is G major), A aeolian (parent scale is C major), A mixolydian (parent scale is D major), and he also jumps between major/minor.
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Morning fl.lettner.

Wow that must of been a difficult task.

So that answers my question, solos can include loads of different scales and a couple different keys.

I love this solo.
0:35 is still A Aeolian (minor) but played with the lydian shape.

There are only 5 shapes associated with the caged system, because the cage system consists of the five notes c, a, g, e and d you each of these 5 shapes starts from of of these notes, it's also called the pentatonic scale. The hybrid scale and the blues scale are based on the pentatonic, it's basically the pentatonic scale + a few extra notes.

The others are not based on the caged system, they are derived from the complete major scale consisting of 7 notes instead of 5. If you take it from a theoretical perspective though, the pentatonic scale is just an extract of the major scale by leaving out some notes.
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