So I'm wanting to sell my epiphone in order to help pay for a new guitar, but I have no idea what model this guitar is.

It's the usual red and orange finish with the standard dots on the frets. Up on the headstock it says Gibson, not Les Paul. On the back it says it was made in Korea.

I traced the serial number to being made in the Saein Plant, Korea in August of 1998, but I still don't know the exact model name.

Some guy at a guitar store told me it was like an epi40 or something a few months back, but I've long since forgotten. I need to know the name of the guitar so I can accurately list it online.

Any help here?
If it has a bolt-on neck then it's an Epiphone LP100. It's essentially an Epiphone LP Special II but with a sunburst finish and a 4 knob control layout. Those guitars don't sell for very much, especially ones that old. You might get $150 for it.

Epiphones that were made in the late 90's often had 'Gibson' on the truss rod cover.
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