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I'm currently looking at getting into the world of 7 string guitar playing. Mostly for metal music and was wondering what are some good suggestions for me to look into. I am looking at having one with a tremolo system as well. Currently looking at the Schecter Jeff Loomis FR-7 (2014 model), the Damien Elite 7 FR and the Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-S. The big problem is that it's difficult to find these guitars in stores in a left handed model to try out so I was wondering what people who have played them would suggest?
Check out Agile from Rondo Music if you are in the USA.
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jack_attack99 Hi, I checked some info on leftyfretz
"On a budget, left handed models aren’t the easiest to come by – but I’ve listed some of my favorites below. And no, this list isn’t sponsored by Schecter, it’s just that they are one of the few brands that cater to lefties without going to the custom shop!

These guitars are arranged in order of price, from lowest to highest."

Schecter Omen 7
Schecter Omen Extreme 7
Schecter Banshee 7 – passive or active pickups
Schecter KM-7