Hello there!

I'm a beginner electric guitarist. I bought my guitar from a friend for a bargain price, so I expected at some point to have to make some minor repairs. I think it's a Westone Dana III Limited, but I can't seem to find any serial number or anything (apparently Westone had a problem with this when they switched their operations from manufacturing in Korea to Japan). It's basially like a Fender Strat, but cheaper. It has a Floyd Rose floating bridge. Anyway, I found that the action was too high at the bridge, making it harder to play the higher notes. The bridge was at an angle such that the strings were raised too far off the fretbaord at the higher notes. Since the tremelo claw was screwed all the way in, I couldn't adjust this to lower the action at the bridge. I decided to try changing the tremelo springs for new ones, since they would be pretty old (c. 30 years) assuming they had never been changed. Sure enough, new springs worked well enough to lower the action of all of the strings, with the bridge flush with the guitar body when at rest (i.e. not fiddling with the tremelo bar), however, this is where I encountered the problem that I'd like to ask for some advice on.

With the new springs, I tried tuning the guitar up, and the action is fine for all but one of the strings. The B string is too low, so it's impossible for me to tune properly. When the string is at a sensible tension, it always rests against the highest fret. Tightening the string at the headstock lifts it off the highest fret when it's open, but then it is tuned way too high to sound the right note when it's open. The best I could get by fiddling around with it did allow me to play the B when open, but any attempt to play the B string on the fretboard anywhere past the 2nd fret brought the string back in contact with the highest fret, nullifying the note. The nut looks fine, and since I was able to play the B string on the 1st and 2nd fret, I'm guessing the problem isn't here but at the bridge instead.

Has anyone experienced this? How did you fix it? My suspicion is that it might be something to do with the bridge saddle. Like I said, all of the other strings are fine, so I suppose it must be an issue with specifically where the B string is attached to the bridge. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions, thanks for your help!
Often floating tremolos will have individual height settings for each string, usually requiring a very tiny allen key to adjust. Where the strings meet the bridge, there should be a tiny little thing poking up either side of each string. Those are usualy adjustable, so check that the ones for the affected string are set correctly.

Floating tremolos are a pain in the ass to set up
RumpleskinsteinThanks for the reply! I experimented a bit with adjusting the bridge posts, with some success, but of course this means that my high E sting is a little higher than I would like. I haven't tried adjusting the height for each string as you suggest, but I do have a good set of allen keys, so I'll look at it tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.