So I've had a couple of threads open on here the last couple of days trying to decide what amp I should I get.

My budget was £150 but I decided to up that a little so I could afford the Orange Micro Dark and the 1x8 Orange cab that goes with it (with the intention of buying a bigger cab in the future when I need it). However, my budget now being a little bigger, I can afford a Peavey Vypyr VIP 1. So which is better for rock, grunge etc? I'll be using it primarily as a practice amp but I would like to be able to take it to practice with a band if I were to join one.

...Saying that, I have heard some people say on hear that neither of these amps could compete with live drums. If that's the case then never mind the band thing: it's a practice amp.

EDIT: Something else worth mentioning: no where near me stocks any Peavey amps so I can't try the Vypyr. So I need as many opinions as I can get Thanks
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Are you considering the used market?
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Get the Vypyr. I've got a 40 watt combo Vypyr 2. It can actually gig surprisingly.

You can find a 15 watt Vypyr 1 for like 80 used. Great modeling amp. I like Orange, in guitar center, for testing guitars. Haven't ever bought an orange product. Die hard Peavy guy when it comes to things I'll actually spend my money on
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at

Hi, as well as Peavey Vypyr Vip 1 in this price range you can also check
Roland Cube 20X (UG score 9.1)
Sound — 8
I have a Squier Strat SSS guitar and I get nice sounds out of it. No it's not the best ever and it will not even compare to a top of the line tube amp like many people try to do. It gets a wide selection of sounds I can get very clean to metal sounds. I love using clean with flange or phaser and full deal; or tube drive with just a touch of reverb. I'm going to guess it is guitar but at full volume with my guitar turned up all the way I get a slight hum, but nothing very strong. Once I hit a string you don't hear it any more and as soon as I turn my guitar down to 8 it goes away. The distortion is very nice, although with the gain cranked all the way to max with volume at 9 to 10 (dial has guide numbers, 0, 5, and 10) it gets muddy. As a practice amp I don't see myself getting this high while I'm not testing it out for this review. I can get a good rock tone out of it and still be able to switch to something more mellow with a few quick turns of the knobs. I like the effects and delay/reverb. The effects include chorus, flange, phaser, and tremolo. No they are not like having a pedal for which ever one you have switched on, but it is very nice and adds depth to your music. Great for a beginner to find out what they like. You can have one of the four effects and either delay or reverb. It has a LED for when you have one of the four effects turned on. 8 because of the wide array of sounds you can produce. Nice effects, and it is pretty decent as long as you don't max the volume out, but at around 8ish it is still pretty good.

Overall Impression — 8
I play rock and alternative stuff right now and it fits me nicely. For practice this amp will get me through till I destroy it. I have only had this for about a month and kinda playing for a little over two months. Kinda because I had a friends guitar before and practiced and now I've got my own and practice even more. Having an amp changes everything when it comes to playing a guitar. The only thing I would love to see changed is the tuner interface, when I first got the amp it was very confusing to start off with but I quickly adapted to it. I like how it has manual and chromatic tuner mode, but I normally use manual. One tip when tuning turn your guitar's volume up to max to tune with, it helps it identify the sound quicker. I love the distortion models and clean channel. I hate the user manual. It gave you a few different settings but left you high and dry after that. I don't think I can really hate anything about the amp. Another thing I love is the price, 160 plus tax is a great deal I think seeming how most amps with similar features were $200 or more and were still 15 watts. Overall great amp for beginners or practice. If someone stole this I would buy this one again, or find the person and beat them down. 8 overall because things could be better, but overall it is an awesome amp and will last me for quite a while. I also tried to be very critical, yet not compare it to my friends amp that is twice as expensive or more than this one. I listen very carefully to his and figure out what a good amp should sound like.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It is durable, I've rest my foot on it while changing settings around fiddling with all the knobs. I've dropped it from about six or eight inches and it still works fine. I'm very cautious with my gear so I don't think I'm gonna be dropping it above that anytime soon. You could jam with some friends but you can't go too gig worthy loud because it is only 20 watts, but it definably puts out some good sound. I would defiantly gig with it if I had a higher wattage Cube. Roland defiantly put it together nicely and gave me a great first impression. Light weight for its looks so it is easy to carry around. 10 because it is well built and I trust it. I took it home and it was on the bottom and came out just fine.

Features — 8
It has many good features, including a tuner, clean channel, lead channel, built in effects, delay/reverb, aux In, recording/headphone out, 3 EQ knobs, power squeezer, and foot Switch jack. For a beginner it has more than enough features to keep me busy. The Lead channel has 6 different Boss effects for different distortions: tube drive; metal; metal stack; overdrive; distortion; and acoustic. Other than tube drive they are pretty self explanatory. Tube Drive is set up so it adds distortion based on how hard you hit the strings. The power squeezer makes it so you can have high gain and distortion at lower volumes. It does get quite loud while in my room. I can't say what features I would like it to have because for a beginner, like me, it has everything I could possibly use currently. Although down the line I could see the effects would not hold up to a better guitarist. The on board tuning is great though for me. 8 because it is not perfect, but very good and for the price you can not beat all the extras it has.

Fender Mustang I (UG score 8.6)
Sound — 10
I bought this amplifier for practice, so I never need it that loud, although it can make quite a racket if you want it to. I'm using it through a Squier Classic Vibe 50's Strat and it sounds fantastic, although some presets on there sound pretty bad with it, but I haven't fiddled around with the FUSE software yet, which can help me make a better one to replace it. I love my Rock music; Led Zepplin, Hendrix etc, and this amp ticks every box for every one. The presets, modulations and DLY/REV can all be mixed and matched to make countless numbers of sounds, and since both the DLY/REV and Modulation banks can be changed as well, I haven't found a Genre of music that can't be played through this beast. Top Marks.

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing almoust a year now and this is my 3rd amp, my 2nd practice one, and my overall favourate. If it were stolen or lost then I would lock myself in the shed and slowly cry myself sleep untill I forgot I had it. (Which wouldn't take long, I'm a dumbass)My favourate feature is easily the Preset dial, but I don't think someone would buy a modelling amp if it wasn't. Compare it to other amplifiers of it's price, and you WILL buy this, hands down; a modelling amp for this price is unbelievably great.

Reliability & Durability — 7
It's quite light for it's size, (well, lighter than other 15W-20W amplifiers I've used that are it's size) and I haven't bashed it around too much, but it looks quite durable; except the interface, which looks quite delicate. It's never broken down on me (yet) and I hope it never will, because it's fantastic. If it were bigger and louder, obviously, then I think this would be durable enough for a gig.

Features — 8
Made Fresh this year, in 2010, in China. Being a modelling amplifier, it can cover a range of styles and sounds, which can be customised further if you wish by using the Fender FUSE software. A simple interface, with Gain, Volume, Treble, Bsss, Master Volume; and and then the three modelling dialls, Preset, Modulation and Delay/Reverb. I bought the Mustang I, which is a 20W amp with an 8' speaker, but for people who need more power on their amplifier will probably opt for the Mustang II, which is a 40W amp with a 12' Fender Special Speaker.

But don't be deceived by high ratings, keep in mind that they were rated according their price range.
As you're looking to play with a band, neither. Both amps youu're considering are only practice amps, you've reached the point where you've outgrown them.

As stated in this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1720022 your best bet would be to save till you can afford something like the Jet City that has already been recommended.

And so you know, buying a larger cab for the Micro terror will not make it any louder, you'll still only be feeding the larger cab with the same power.
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GaryBillington that's the problem though, I've been playing acoustic for the longest time so now although I wouldn't say I'm a beginner my only amp is an awful old Stagg one. I'll just have to get one of the ones mentioned above as a practice amp and another once I join a band.
Fair enough - if you're definitely going for one of those two, get the Vypyr. It's far more flexible & even as just a practice amp will be a good long term investment that can do everything you'll need. The Orange is a one trick pony.
Gibson LP Traditional, LP GT, LP Studio, SG Standard x2
Barber Tone Press > EHX Worm >TC Polytune > MXR Custom Badass 78 > EXH Glove > EHX East River Drive > Zoom G3 > TC Spark Mini Booster
Laney VC30
Marshall TSL602
Jet City JCA22H
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