I have started to pick up the guitar again after years of not playing, which brings me here to help get the rust off my fingers and help get them moving again. I have a couple of questions though.

Many years ago (15?) I created a hand full of tabs on Powertab Editor which have since found their way over this site. Is it possible to have these tabs associated with my account? The files appear to be unedited from what they were, even my name is in the file information still. I ask as I may wish to update some of these tabs and maybe transfer them over to other programs as well.

Which brings me to my second question. Is it possible to edit existing Tab Pro tabs to add my own twists, saving the file locally for private usage? Obviously people wouldn't be too pleased if Tab Pro tabs were changed by online, I just wish to be able to use the features of Tab Pro to create and edit but I don't see the options for this.

Thanks for anyone that takes the time to reply with any advise or input .
Yes, you certainly can claim your tabs, you can use this thread:
Even if your tab wasn't 'stolen', it serves the same purpose.

You can't edit Tab Pro tabs, but all Tab Pro tabs are generated from Guitar Pro or Powertab files which you will find on the site. Therefore you can save those files locally and edit them if you have the appropriate Guitar Pro version, or Powertab editor.
Thank you for the reply NSpen1 . Unfortunately the link provided reaches an 'access denied' page though. It's a forum link, so I'll try look a little harder for it. Very pleased to hear it is possible to do though (claiming the tabs).
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Ah, it's in the UG Authors Community forum, so you won't get access to it until you're an Author (I think). If you'd like to give details here of the tabs you wish to claim, I can post a note in that thread for you.
Thanks for your guys help so far.

These are the tabs of mine I have found so far. Mostly songs from the master of puppets album. Will add more if I find any, or even remember what I tabbed back then lol.

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