Hey guys!

Just looking for some advice on if it's a bad idea to get a 2i2 instead of an amp. I've had an Electric Guitar and Amp before when I was in another country, but since moving I've wanted to get back to playing.

Back in Australia I would mostly use the headphone port so I wouldn't annoy other people, so the speaker side of the amp was kinda un-used. So I thought why not just get an interface so I can also take advantage of software based amp effects aswel as have a great recording solution.

But I'm worried about latency now after watching this video:

Is latency going to be a problem for me? Or can I adjust settings to have more demand on my CPU and less latency (I read that somwhere, can't remember) or is this latency thing just somthing he notices as he is a pro?


Depends. If your latency is gonna be around 10ms, then its gonna be noticable. But without much fiddling, i managed to get it down to 3.5ms i think. Its really not noticable for me, but i find that sometimes the recordings are just a bit out of time on the more note heavy passages, or super precise ones. But for normal playing, it really isnt that big of a deal.
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Lot's of people use interfaces into a computer for amp sims nowadays. I use it for practice often with just an instrument to USB cable (a la RockSmith) and it does ok.

There are several (overwhelming number) of interfaces on the market at all sorts of price points. The 2i2 is on the low end. I'm far from an expert but the 2i4 or the new revision of the 2i2 are supposed to be improved.

Another way to go is one of the several mini heads that include a DI and/or USB interface - Peavey ValveKing MH, 6505 MH, Classic 20MH and the Laney IronHeart IRT-Studio (I have one of these on the way). These amps can use headphones (supposedly much improved from the old days) without a cabinet attached. So you get a low wattage tube amp, great headphone sounds, and a computer interface all in a small portable inexpensive package.
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get a 2i4 because it has a pad on the inputs. IMO it is necessary if you ever plan to mike qn amp.
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i have to compensate for latency just recording drum machines in to ableton with a 2i4, so im assuming it'll be an issue for you to some extent as well, yes. although how much i rly couldnt tell u.

u will need a DI box too for guitars, tho u can get them pretty cheap.

have u thought about going with Native Instruments? their shit is usually on point, but i stress ive never used guitar rig/or their interface.
I did this for a while but the latency bothered me so I stopped. It wasn't a problem with my 2i4, but running the amp sim through Alberton is what gave the latency. My new laptop is better but still not great. If you have a desktop with plenty of Ram it might not be an issue at all. YMMV.

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u will need a DI box too for guitars, tho u can get them pretty cheap.

Not sure why you say that. Guitar straight into the 2i2 or 2i4 is one of the options in their design. No DI necessary.