With the removing of the tone pot is it just a matter of grounding the black wires elsewhere and tying off the pickup wires?

Have no need for a tone pot and replacing it with a killswitch button
I am curious too. Been thinking of doing a blower switch though so I can have the volume set for cleaning up and flip the switch for full volume, or volume at zero making the blower a kill switch.
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A blower switch?
bypasses everything and connects the pickups directly to the output. Even with tone and volume on the guitar, it would bypass them when switched on.
Ive done it on my LP style Ibanez with 2 emg 707s. killswitch works guitar plays fine, except the volume pots dont work that well anymore?

What causes this?
Sorted, one of the lugs on the stereo jacks didnt have a wire running to the ground on the volume pots
The tone pot typically just runs off a tab from the volume knob, so just clipping the wires would do it.
As prowla said the tone control is usually just tacked onto a volume pot. The signal is bled off through the capacitor and pot so just disconnecting them will remove the control from the circuit. Depending on how the pot is physically wired you may need to move the ground wires from the casing of the tone pot to ground at another point, it depends id the bridge ground or output jack are wired to the tone or volume.