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I have a schecter guitar with humbuckers and this problem is happening through at least 4 different makes of amp - so it's not the amp! (though I suppose the amp is involved somehow!)

I recently bought an mxr distortion pedal which I really want to use as a boost for when i do riffs and so on and need some cut above my usual moderately distorted chord type sound. I wold probably add a bit a distortion and a fair bit of gain. I don't use any other pedals, and the mxr has power supply

I notice that if the band aren't playing and I click on the pedal then I sometimes get a high pitched screeching which is horrid, and painful - not the usual lovely feedback! If the band is in full swing and I press then this doesn't happen as predictably, though it still can. I have noticed too that this can happen if my hands are dampening the strings. I have tried things like moving away from the amp, putting myself between the guitar/amp etc.

I have never had this problem having used a variety of pedals over the years.

Any ideas what's going on? Is it a fault (though I did notice the same effect with my friends mxr pedal at on a clean set amp, at much lower volume which suggests it isn't likely a fault)


It sounds like the pickups in your guitar are becoming microphonic at that level of gain if the squealing is uncontrollable and unpleasant.
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thanks T00DEEPBLUE yes - that makes sense because it does sound rather like a microphone in that it has a small range of tone.

In fact I read here - http://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/showthread.php?268542-What-Makes-a-Pickup-Go-Microphonic and here http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/the-tone-garage/feedback-vs-microphonic-noise and now it makes sense.

And ... i got my guitar 30 years ago second hand. All makes sense!

Apart from the fact that I have never had it before except with this pedal - suppose the gain must be high.
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You can get a noise gate like a boss ns-2. Set it for a more organic gate setting, and it will be like it's not there, untill you stop playing, then no feedback.
A couple of my cheaper guitars have gone microphonic and a gate helps a lot.