As many of you know, I have every now and again mentioned music education software, emuso(TM), that my company, MusicIncite Ltd, has been producing.

The diagrams in my UG lessons were made using it ... but the real thing is a whole different level.

We are launching user trials for 30 people, starting within the next few days, and we have 6 places left to fill If you are interested (including beginners, and folk with no theory), please send an email to info@musicincite.com. You need Windows 8 up, or Mac OSX 10.7 up. Trial gets you access to our site (under lock and key currently), a few interactive lessons, and current emuso, which isn't quite at product quality yet (but very close). You'll get support during the trial. The Terms and Conditions for the trial require keeping things confidential until emuso launches as product (shortly)

First come, first served (we are only a small company).

The trial will take around 1 - 2 hours of your time, with 2 weeks to carry this out, and provide your responses back to us. As thanks, you get a free version of emuso Studio (our flagship product for students) when that product launches, and 30 days use of the trial version before it expires.
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I'm not that interested, so if we get a lot of participants here please skip ahead of me, but I guess I can try it out if you're left with places to fill. Can't really help with beginner feedback though, and I'm not sure if I had any use for the program.
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Finally indeed! If nothing else, the software and the site are certainly visually engaging (had an excellent digital design company on-board). The business side of things takes up a great deal of time, as does content design, help videos ...

Be great to get your feedback,but no worries if you haven't the time or inclination ... that's cool.

For guys like yourself that already understand music theory, and can play well, then the main use could be for practising and teaching (if you teach!). [Advanced theory (Jazz harmony, outside playing etc. may be useful) ]? But that's not in the trial.

I personally use emuso mainly for rhythm-related practice, like chopping a bar of 4/4 into 7, working on time displacement, rhythmic groupings and the like, and transferring guitar voicings to piano. I also use it for ear training and teaching, and technique practice, as it's quick to set up and save stuff (legato lines ...)

It's a very different experience for beginners though. They get a lot of guidance.