I play guitar, fiddle and ukulele and am looking into a banjo. I'm very good at fingerpicking. I've played a banjo before and did really well with it.

I'm not sure if it would be best to get a normal 5-stringed banjo or a 6-stringed. The guitar I play is a resonator, which I know isn't the same as a banjo, but I would like to not end up with a banjo and feel like it's too similar of a sound to my guitar. I'm fully aware banjoes and resonators are very different instruments, but because the sound of a resonator is so different compared to a regular acoustic guitar, I don't want to end up feeling like I spent money on something (the banjo) that reminds me just of my resonator.

What is your opinion on this as well as purchasing either a 5 or 6 stringed banjo?

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Depends on what kind of music you are playing I think. More bluegrass and country, 5 string, but folkier might be better with a 6 string.
6 string banjo screams, "i'm a guitar player and i'm not taking this seriously. what do you mean banjo isn't played with a pick??"

kristen might yell at me for that, idr her stance on it

but i like my 5 string a lot
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Hail pretty much it. I bought a 6 string because I wanted to play around with a banjo, but didn't want to have to relearn a bunch of stuff. In hindsight I wish I just went for the 5 string. I do love my banjo as I really bought it for folky bluesy stuff, but I'd like to start getting into some bluegrass you stuff.
It's pretty simple really, if you just want to strum a few chords on the banjo to change the texture of a song or just add a bit of banjo to a recording then a six is the easy route, it'll work well for a lot of Irish folk as well but most American folk styles use a five and the sound of the drone string is pretty difficult to fake.