So, I was looking at computers to save up for in order to start working on my own audio production. I was originally gonna save up for a PC, even though I wanted a Mac or something, because Apple computers are so expensive. But I just found the Mac Mini, which is $500 for a 4GB model configurable to 8GB. I could also spring $700 for an 8GB model. My question is, if I were to buy the 4GB model, would it be able to run the stuff I want for basic audio production? My plan is to start off with Reaper, through a used Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Then, eventually, replace Reaper with Logic. Should I be able to do this with a Mac Mini? Thanks in advance.

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From my admittedly limited experience, I think the processor and hard drive should get a lot of attention here. But it depends entirely what you intend to do in Reaper/Logic. I find that my Superior Drummer uses a fair bit of RAM but then I find my plugin use hogs CPU. I often read people say that you should max out the RAM which certainly isn't bad advice and will give you better performance but I'd personally benefit from better CPU and an external hard drive to record to and mix from.

I could also be talking out of my ass so hopefully someone else gives their two cents.

EDIT: If you're looking at the one with 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 then this may be quite limiting depending on how many tracks and how much processing you do on each track.
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That's another thing, if you're trying to keep a strict budget then Apple may not be the way to go.
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I got a brand new PC about a year ago with 6GB of RAM for $300. No issues. Does as many tracks as I have ever asked it to do with as many effects as I've ever asked it to use.

If you have a really good reason for wanting to go Mac, do so, but otherwise.... no point spending double the money, mostly just so you can say, "on my mac."

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I have a friend that runs the basic Mac Mini with 24 tracks of Logic and Garageband, about 5-6 vsti's running (drum EZDrummer, guitar sims, bass sim), no problem. I'd go with the 8 gig of ram for a few bucks, no use skimping on it to discover you'll have to upgrade as it happened on my older Mac laptop.
I wanna get a Mac because Logic is the DAW that I learned on, and I've really grown to love it. In my opinion, at least, Mac is very practical for production. As far as what I intend to do as far as softwares and plugins, I plan on using EZDrummer to program some drums as a reference for my band's drummer, using a free amp sim plugins such as LePou, and later moving on to BIAS. Nothing really complicated, but something to start out on, and later grow into more serious audio production. Thanks for your replies.
Guitar strings are $8.50 a pack and that's just too much for me.
Some other things things to consider with Mac if you wanna go that route: their newer products get less and less customisable each year post-buying e.g. less ability to add more RAM later because they solder the RAM to the logic board now (certainly in the MBP) so get as much as you can first so you don't have to worry about it later.

If you wanna go more RAM but keep the cost down can you look into the refurbished market?

This article might be useful: http://therecordingrevolution.com/optimize-computer-recording-mixing/

He talks about swapping out parts of his Mac Mini but he has an older model so I don't know how far you can take that in the new models. Worth looking into.
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I have a friend that buys used Macs all the time and is very happy. He gets them usually with a 3 month warranty and really at that point if it doesn't break in 3 months you're usually ok. It might be a good idea to look into a higher end model at the used market or even buy warrantied refurb. Either way you're good.

Another option - get their tablets. If you're talking light production you can probably swing it on iPad and some kind of 1 or 2 input interface running Garageband.