I have just completed a custom chambered body guitar and am having a issue with the master volume control and TBX tone control. I have attached a schematic diagram for those of you who are good at figuring complex wiring schemes. The guitar has 2 magnetic humbuckers and the LR Baggs T-Bridge with the Ctrl-X preamp. Also in the signal path is the Fender TBX tone pot. Everything works except for two little glitches. (1) The Master volume (500K Mojotone audio taper) is silent for about 1/4 of its travel and then the volume jumps on with little change to full rotation. This is true if it is just the magnetics on, just the piezo on, or both. (2) One side of the TBX works as it cuts out some of the bass, but it only works when the master volume is at full. The other side of the TBX has no effect on the sound. Just a note that most of the Control-X comes pre-wired including the mounted circuit board blend pot. I assume it is possible that the 500K master pot is bad, but before I start pulling things apart, I wanted to see if anyone saw other issues that might cause either or both problems. Thanks.