So I have a strat type guitar and have planned out a control set up that I want to try out. I am really interested in carrying out the mod myself and learning how to do so but I need some help due to a less conventional approach I have.

I plan to convert one of my tone knobs into a master tone for all three pickups in my guitar and blocking off the tremolo. But the main change I plan on making to to remove the 5-way switch from the circuit and replace it with a 5-way rotary switch. Due to this I am unable to find any wiring diagrams that match my requirements and as I am new to this I can not create one myself and so I am looking for some help. I believe I can use the 5-way switch here but would love someone to confirm this for me.

I have an image of my plan bellow that should help explain what I am after. In short, here is the info that would help me out:
  • How do I go about blocking off a regular strat type tremolo?
  • Is this 5-position rotary switch what I need for my pickup selector?
  • How would I wire the strat with 3 pickups, 1 volume, 1 master tone, 1 5-position rotary switch?

What I've done for my bodger guitars is use small inline connectors, so I can swap things around without resoldering, so the pickups & jackplate can just be unplugged from the control panel; it makes experimenting a lot easier!