Hi. Have these 3 speakers that are all 8 ohms. Mystery jbl, a eminence deltalite 2512 and a new sheffield 1230. They have are all speakers that have tried and failed to make my peavey bandit sound good. Anyway the mystery is that the jbl was given to me as an 8 ohm speaker. I played on it for a good year and took it out. When it went in it read 7.8-8.1 ohms and now that its out of the combo it reads 4-5 ohms. The eminence read 6.8 ohms solid when it went in. Now it reads 4-5.1 ohms. The sheffield is brand new and reads 7.1 ohms but it sounds horrible. So it got chucked within minutes. The real question here is what is happening to these speakers? They read around 8ohms on the ohmmeter when they go in and then after several months of playing come out reading 4 ohms resistance. I replaced the battery in my digital multimeter and both the jbl and eminence started reading 5 ohms but they wont read anything like they did before they went in to the bandit. The bandit's output reads about 120millivolts dc while playing but i think that is acceptable. Is it enough to damage a speaker? Am i just crazy? The amp seems to have lost a lot of gain on the lead channel too since i blew the first sheffield 1230 and replaced it with the jbl. I thought it was because i was using bass speakers to get by but the new sheffield is the worste of all. Nothing like the original sheffield. Maybe ive gotten used to the sound of my practice amp which sounds amazing. The impedance issue is quantifiable though so i suspect a problem.
Thanks to anyone who is willing to comment on this mess of a question
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Wait. It's a Peavey Bandit and you're blaming the speakers?
haha go ahead....im more worried if it sounds to the community like the amp is damaging the speakers.
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More likely meter calibration or you had corroded contacts and now they are clean. Most of my 8 ohm speakers show a static load of 5-6 ohms with a meter but that changes once they are driven.
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