This is a two part review really. One part of the product itself, and one part about the awful experience I had after receiving it from GC.

Well without going into the why's and how's I decided on this cab, I'll skip to me receiving it this afternoon. I picked this up used from GC because, well I wanted one and it was marked as "excellent" condition and I got it for $300 (new is $550). So I open it up, and immediately I hear a screw hit the tile, later I found that it went to one of the corner guards and had stripped out of the wood (screwed it back in at an angle, all is well there). As I tip it, I hear something quite solid "knock" inside the box, I look a bit closer and notice the front grill is half loose, as if someone put it back on quickly and didn't care. So immediately, I fear the worst; that the original owner swapped the V30s for sh*t speakers before trading it in. I take the grill off, take the speakers out ... it's still got the V30s, but I find a large piece of wood loose in the cab. I look around and it's the "cover" for one of the side handles. It covers the handle holes so they essentially don't become sound ports. It had been knocked clean in and stripped the holes in the wood. No biggie ... nothing a couple larger screws didn't fix. But THEN ... I get it all set up in my studio, plug it in and start to play. It.Sounds.Like.Crap. I put it through 3 different amps, adjust all kinds of settings, etc. But it just sounds underpowered and like I'm trying to push sound through a tube ... or play through 4" speakers. I've never owned V30s before ... so even though most of me is thinking "...this CAN'T be right", the other part of me that can't figure out what could be wrong is thinking that all these people out there who like V30s are NUTS! In a last attempt to try ANYTHING, I flip the switch on the back from Mono to Stereo. BOOM! Now I'm rocking! They sound amaze-balls. For some reason, someone was in there messing around and must have swapped the connections ..... turned my frown upside down.

Now for the review. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me, but I think it's one of the sexiest cabs on the market, if you're in to Metal. But looks a cabinet does not make. As stated above, I've never owned a V30 cab before, but I've read many times that the Sheffield XXX speakers are supposedly voiced similarly (which my 412 is loaded with). I see that now. There's a little bit less bass and mid to the V30 and they're a bit clearer, but I definitely hear it. So it looks awesome and sounds great to match. That being said, it's made in China with a mixture of cheap particle board and press board, it's got that really soft tolex that's easy to catch and tear, the metal corner guards are made of very thin, easily dentable metal, the wiring is a very small gauge, they don't put any washers on the screws that hold the grill on or use wide head screws, so the screws hardly touch anything to barely hold it on, and the screws they use to hold things together are soft low grade and too small for their application. Now THAT being said, I'm going to keep it, because I feel it's worth the $300 with the V30s in it. But I wouldn't recommend this cab unless you find it for this price or less. There are so many better made cabs out there for the $550 price tag of this.

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