How can I get the best of my gear for recording guitar (rock/blues) :

My gear:


Digitech rp255 multi effect

Guitar amp Marshall solid state


Samsung galaxy smartphone

I used to take the video and audio through my amp using my smartphone. But the sound isn't great.

Any advice?
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Buy a new amp & multi effects? Marshall's solid state amps aren't known for sounding good and you're using a below average effects unit.

Beyond that, go to the Recording forum & read the stickies. GG&A wasn't the best forum for this to be moved to.
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Thanks. I thought of buying a USB mic to plug to my smartphone while recording. Do you think it is gonna do better?

Also I didn't try good multieffects. I only tried the new boss gt1 and it sounded awful for that price. I don't use a lot of effects beside reverb, delay, overdrive (I would like some amp simulations). Any advice on a multieffect?

For the amp, I'm reluctant to buy a tube one as it requires some Maintaining of the tubes and stuff.
Thanks again
Tube amp maintenance is a myth. Yes, they need changing every now & then, but it's only an occasional thing. It certainly isn't more hassle than it's worth, especially if you ever intend to use your amp for gigging.

Marshall's solid state amps are generally considered amongst the worst investments that you can make, if you want to improve your sound the first thing you need to do is get a decent amp. That doesn't have to be a tube amp either, there are plenty of good solid state & modelling amps out there. As for the multi effects sounding terrible, of course they do - you're playing them through a terrible amp.

The USB mic is a better solution that that which you're currently using. Have you read the stickies in the Recording forum yet? The options are discussed in detail. There is even a thread dedicated to the various amp sims etc you can use, so you could utilise those instead of your amp for a much improved sound.
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^+1. Here is the Intro to Recording Sticky. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1658707

I highly doubt your amp is doing you any favors and you will not get good results out of it. I bet it is an MG series amp. You might would get better results using the RP255 direct into an external soundcard and then into your audio workstation software.

If you were to get a USB mic, just get one that records to your computer and not to your smartphone. That way you can do editing to the audio without having to rip it off the video first. Then sync up the recorded sound and the video in your video editing software and you are good to go.

If your budget is super low and you want to go direct, get an unbranded guitar link cable from Amazon. If you can put in around $100 USD, get an Audio Interface like the Mackie Onyx Blackjack or the Scarlett Saffire 2i2. Even better, get a normal XLR-pinned mic to use with your interface and record your guitar amp (which is hopefully something better than the Marshall sometime soon).
I have spent way more money fixing SS amps than maintenance on tube amps. While SS amps are designed to be cheap to be able to reach the budget market, tube amps are designed to attract the semi-pro or pro market so they are built with higher specs.

If you have the budget, I would recommend your guitar plugged into a tube amp. Miced up with a SM57 or a decent condenser plugged into an audio interface. Something like a 2i2 or its competitors. I would avoid the multi effects.

On a budget, I would ditch the guitar rig and plug the guitar directly into a 2i2 or something similar. Then use an amp sim. Not my recommendation but the other option can be quite expensive since you do not own a tube amp already so this may be more convenient. For an upgrade then I would look for a DI box.

Either way I would recommend using a computer rather than a phone for the audio. Get reaper to edit and mix the audio. Then with reaper you can use the video from your mobile and the audio recorded.
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if your multi-fx unit has amp models then I'd use that to record with if we are talking just basic home recording to a computer. although I love my tube amps I use a Line 6 POD for recording as it's just way easier to get good results without all the nonsense.
Audacity or other such pc recording program will help. If you can get a headphones out from your amp or effects you wouldnt need a mic. Otherwise use a mic and find a nice sounding room to record the amp in with a long cord to go to your pc. Phones and cameras dont usually cut it but the galaxy s has a pretty good mic. Its just that the phones and such usually have an auto recording level that makes it hard to have control.
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Thank you guys. I just bought a blackstar ht1r. So i'm thinking of getting a mic for recording
The way I do videos is I record the video with a cam/smartphone and record scratch audio thru the built in mic in that. So that generates one video file with bad audio.
At the same time I record quality miked guitar through my audio interface into Studio One. Then I use video edit program to drop the audio signal from my video file and sync with the sound file from Studio One. Once you do a click at the front you're set