hi guys!

i am trying to use GarageBand to play one of my favourite song - Anastasia By Slash.
But i am not able to get that sweet overdriven sound of the song on this software. i would appreciate any kind of help from amp settings to pedal board settings as long as it allows me to get closer to that slash's sound.

I am using a Fender Squire deluxe guitar
with the software GarageBand 10 with a behringer xenyx audio interface mixer.

Thanks !!
You're not going to be able to sound like Slash if your guitar only has single coils.

Also, what settings you should use to achieve a tone that's similar to a certain artist depends far too much on what rig you're actually using vs. what the artist in question was using for any settings that people recommend to be very helpful. It neglects to take into account the context of the rest of the setup the artist was using at the time when those settings were taken, and the rest of said setup could be having a massive impact on how the tone of the guitars came out on the record. In fact, it's likely that those other variables were what dictated the settings Slash used on his amp/pedals in the first place.

A ton of studio post-processing trickery takes place that greatly contributes to making the guitars sound the way they do on the record as well. So you cannot tweak your amp to the settings that Slash used and expect to sound like him; its nowhere near that simple.

For the most part the only thing you can really do is to just use your ears to get as close as you can. If it sounds good, then you're probably doing something right.
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Quote by Axelfox
I gotcha! I'm a slash addicted! I have a slash tone that slays man! The tone is universal to all his music from guns all the way up to his stuff today I don't use garage band I use amplitube 4 on the iPad but here's the amp settings!

I use the AFD 100 head in amplitube with these settings so in garage band just use what ever amp closest simulates a JCM800 although I do recommend amplitube!

Turn switch to AFD mode
Gain: 8.9
Mids: 8.4
Treble: 2.7
Presence: 8
Master: 8.9

With these settings in amplitube using this amp and the pedals I use on it Gets me right where I need to be I actually have a wah pedal turn on with its foot control pushed down at 8 (according to then numbers on my screen) that gives me that extra push in mids seems like but I still have that smooth warm tone that your looking for also what the guy said above is also true your just not going to get that warm tone that a les Paul has with humbucker so if your using a strat or something with single coils in it because single coils are way to bright sounding for slashes music if you really need a complete detailed tone shaping session using amplitube and all the signature slash gear in the app that you have to buy feel free To message me!
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sanchit0709 did you try Tonebridge? It has an Anastasia preset, and you can connect in to GarageBand via Inter-App Audio or Audio Unit.

Here's a short demo of the sound from Tonebridge: