Since i haven't been able to play these pedals myself and the fact that there's not videos showing some of the pedals in great detail, i'm now taking to the UG forums for assistance.
Any of you have any experience with any of the pedals?
I'm looking for that sort of Stoner/Doom, Electric Wizzard/Type O Negative style.
Even though the 'Sludge Hammer' is ~$200, i'm trying to stick to $150 as a mazimum.
Tips are very much welcome.
You would be better off with an EHX Big Muff Deluxe bass distortion, or one of their other bass distortion pedals (Big Muff Pi, etc.). The MXR can sound pretty "fizzy." The EHX are kind of the standard for the type of music you wish to play, and they run about US$130.00 new, so you can pick them up cheaper than that.
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